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While you do trading you have to take some guidelines in your mind before doing trading. Our primary mission is to educate the people how to invest in the stock market and other investment opportunities. Following information will give you the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions towards building your portfolio. Here are some rules that should keep in mind while trading.
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There are some do and don’t in the market which every investor has to follow during his/her investment.
  • Do not trade with hesitance, half-heartedly or in over confidence. You can lose a lot of money if you are scared of the markets or even if you are overtly brave & foolhardy.

  • Be patient when trades are moving in the right direction to extract maximum gains & ensure the gains by improvising the stop loss level, time & again.

  • Do not be over optimistic when trades have hit the stop loss level & make sure you exit there.

  • Follow ONLY one guideline at a time as more guidelines will again create a lot of confusion.

  • DO NOT BORROW or trade with funds that are not yours or pump in more funds by borrowing to hold on to loss making trades. Trade only with own funds that are spare and be prepared to lose even that in totality in the worst case.

  • Many traders trade markets like gambling. But trading is a serious business like any other business. Trading financial markets, especially leveraged markets demands lot of discipline, skill and strategizing.

  • Many traders jump into the waters without understand the depth of the market or without planning. And more often it is observed that even if a trader does planning, he/she modifies the trading plan during the trading session. We advice traders to plan before the market opens and more important, stick to the plan. For this purpose Profound Financial Advisors Private Limited has designed various products to suit different types of traders. We strongly recommend understanding your trading style before you opt for a specific service.

  • Over trading is another aspect of bad trading practice. Give your mind thinking time to develop a strategy. Over trading results in tired, both to you and your capital.

  • Prices digest all the future news. Discount market rumors like Interest rates policy, GDP, stocks data and many more to say.